Common Air Conditioner Issues

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Air conditioners play an essential role in ensuring your home remains comfortable throughout the year. However, that is only true if the air conditioner stays in good working condition. Several issues might make your air conditioner fail to work or working efficiently. The result is increased power costs, aircon not cold, and uncomfortable living conditions. Hiring professionals to do maintenance and repair works to ensure the air conditioner remains in good working condition at all times is a good idea. Some of the common air conditioner issues are highlighted below.

home airconClogged Filters

AC filters help ensure only clean air circulates in the home by trapping dirt and other things that might interfere with the air quality. Over time, the AC filters get dirty or clogged, which makes them function inefficiently. The solution is usually to replace the filters with new ones. There are some models, which use reusable filters. For such a case, you should clean the filters properly before reusing them. An easy way to determine if your filter needs cleaning or replacement is by checking whether light passes through it. No light passing means it is time to clean or replace.

Thermostat Failures

The thermostat is usually used to control the temperature of the room automatically. Malfunction of the thermostat means that your home will get either too hot or too cold, depending on the air conditioner settings. Before concluding that the issue is thermostat failure, ensure that it is turned on and set to the right level, it is not being affected by external factors like sunlight, and it is clean. To replace the thermostat, you should hire the services of an expert.

Refrigerant Leaks

Another common issue of air conditioners is the coolant leaking. That is usually a major problem as it affects the performance and efficiency of the entire system. It also results in higher costs of power. The cause of leakage has to be identified and fixed before refilling the refrigerant. The cost of repair will depend on the location of leakage and the amount of refrigerant already lost.

Breaker or Fuse Issues

If your air conditioner is not working completely, the problem might be with the breakers or fuses. Fuses and breakers are designed to safeguard the compressor and motor of the air conditioner against power surges, overcurrent, and other electrical failures. For the case of a fuse, replacing it with a fuse of similar ratings is the solution. For a breaker, you only need to switch it back on.