Buyers Guide for the Best Wood Deck Stain

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Weather conditions, molding, and rotting are some of the elements that can ruin your wooden deck. Even the most durable decks, at some point, suffer from the wear and tear caused by these elements. That is why you need to invest in the right stain for your wooden deck. Staining your wooden deck reduces the amount of moisture sipping into the wood, improves the deck’s appearance, and also increases the deck’s lifespan by preventing rot and insect infestation. The main challenge to most homeowners is choosing the right stain.


1. Opacity

Opacity refers to the degree as to which you can see the natural grain of the wood · Clear wood deck stain has no color, and you can see the wood’s natural grain after the treatment. It is the best option for expensive or new wood. Its treatment has a life span of up to 2 years.

· The translucent stain has a slight tone, but it doesn’t obscure the texture and color of the wood.

· The semi-, transparent has a more prominent color which affects the final look of your deck. It is, therefore, necessary that you first do a test patch. If you are looking for treatment with a slight hint of color, this is your perfect choice. It lasts for about three years.

· The semi-solid stain is a heavier application that still allows you to see the grain and texture of the wood while covering most of the wood’s imperfections. It is the right choice for transitioning as your deck ages and if you intend to replace some boards.

· Finally, the solid stain will completely hide the wood’s grain. It is ideal for old decks or those with too many imperfections. This treatment lasts for about five years.


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2. Color


It is always good to choose a stain color that matches the color shade of your home. Another consideration is the wood’s natural color. You should either pick a stain whose undertones will either enhance or cancel those of the wood. Different types of wood have different natural colors: know your wood’s natural shade before you buy the stain. You should also ensure that you choose a stain specific to the kind of wood you intend to apply it to.



3. Age Of The Deck


With newer decks, your best choice is the lighter and more transparent stains as it is easier for you to make the deck more opaque or darker in the future. With time, the deck experiences wear and tear, which damage its appearance. When this happens, your best choice is a darker stain to hide the imperfections.


4. Wood Type


Expensive woods such as ipe and mahogany have beautiful grain and texture that shines through when translucent or semi-transparent stains are used. With cheap wood, it is best to use semi-solid or solid stains to provide the much-needed barrier from quick ruin by weather conditions.

Wood stains have many benefits to your deck. By following this guide, you will be able to choose the right one, which will give you the maximum benefits.…