Simple Reminders to Home Renovation

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Are you planning to renovate your home for a very long time? We know it’s not an easy task to do. It takes time, money, and dedication to do so. Here are some before, during, and after renovation reminders.



  1. Research, research, and research– don’t go lazy on doing your research. Researching will you outline everything; budget, design, materials, equipment to use, and who to contact.
  2. Set a budget– this is a very crucial part of your renovation. Your budget must be in line with how you want it to look. Materials will also be dependent on your budget.
  3. Contractor or DIY– this might be quite a difficult decision. Having a contractor may set your budget quite higher, but then you’ll have more confidence that the results may last. DIY, on the other hand, will help you stay on your budget and keep you closer to your wanted design. Though doing DIYs may be more time consuming and exhausting.



1. Monitor progress: whether it is a DIY or by a contractor that you hired, always monitor the development of the work. Keeping in mind that the use of materials should be kept audited.

2. Keep a timeline: your work must have a schedule, by which, it must be realistic and concise. Doing this will help you further monitor your progress and also may help save you the overall cost.

3. Continue your research: even at this point in your renovation, you should still be doing further research. This will keep help you stay updated on what can yet be done for your project.

4. Recycle: re-purposing your old pieces of furniture, decorations, and household items. It will not just help you lower down the total cost, but also keep you motivated and inspired throughout the process.



  1. Inspection: examine every part of your project, keeping in mind that it should always be at the utmost quality. Even the smallest detail may cause your work to fail in the future. You must have a feeling of satisfaction after your project has been completed.
  2. Audit: your project must have stayed on track throughout the process, materials, tools, and supplies must be reviewed and must have complete transparency.
  3. Enjoy: we need not tell you this, your new home awaits you. This is your hard-earned home, you have waited for so long for it to finish. Enjoy and why not help others on their journey to renovation.