Things to Consider Before Getting a Fence for a Big Dog

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If you have a big dog with a lot of energy, you know how difficult it can be to contain it. In any case, most breeds of large dogs want to be touch with their wild side and bark at cars or chase squirrels around. If you have a strong, big, energetic dog, you have to think about the type of fence you require. You can consult dog fence Westchester experts on the right containment you need to install. The idea is to find a fence that meets your aesthetic desires and budget while stopping your dog from going astray.

Fence Size

Ideally, a big dog requires a big fence. You need to ensure it is impossible for your dog to jump. A four-foot fence is not going to deter Labrador, Golden Retriever, or Husky. In such a case, you should get six feet fence. Most owners begin to add extensions to make the fences higher as their dogs keep growing.

It is advisable to tear down the fence and install a higher one instead of making additions. Remember that height is not the only thing to consider. The truth is that a big dog is equally a strong dog. High-quality wood, composite materials, and vinyl can resist chewing and charging better than lower-end materials.

Make it Impossible to Climb

It does not matter how high the fence is, a good dog will get it somehow. Even when the dog cannot jump it, your dog can climb it. Therefore, you should consider a design that is climb-proof. Avoid chain link fences as they offer your dog easy footholds. On the other and, you should get a solid panel fence. Once you have the climb-proof fence, ensure there is nothing your dog will use to get a boost.

Privacy of Your Dog

Although your dog does not care about privacy, a vinyl or wooden privacy fence is good for its peace of mind. Other than climb-proof feature, the solid privacy fences are amazing as your dog cannot see what is happening on the other end. For instance, if your dog cannot see squirrels, people, and other dogs, your dog will rarely bark, and it will be calmer.

The truth is that not every dog owner has a spacious yard to provide his or her dog with ample room for exercise. That explains why big dogs are not for everyone. However, the right fence goes a long way in keeping the dog secure and safe.